30 Days of Gratitude: Day 4

See the final results of my 30 Days of Gratitude challenge here: 30 Days of Gratitude: Final Reflections.

  1. I got a good sleep last night! For the past couple of days, I haven’t been getting good sleep – my body has a finicky way of getting up at sunrise, and having trouble falling asleep afterwards. Last night, however, I went to bed on time and therefore was able to get 8 hours of sleep. Awesome!
  2. I’m very lucky to get paid well for the job I do. It’s no secret that software engineers get paid very well in the SF Bay Area – and while I’m not pulling down insane figures, I’m making a lot more money than I used to before I became an engineer. A lot of people become engineers (just in the same way they become doctors, lawyers) for money! But I love my job. I find a lot of joy in solving weird problems in the code, and building new things. If I had all the money in the world, I’d still find time in my life to be a software engineer.
  3. I got my current job in a better job market. My roommate is job hunting right now, and is having a lot more trouble than I did getting interviews. I’m not sure why, since she is a software engineer like me and has almost a year more experience. I suspect part of it is she doesn’t like selling herself on her resume, but I wonder if the job market is just not as good anymore. When I was looking for my current job, I got 10 interviews in the span of a week – it’s been a week for her, and she’s only gotten 2. I’m helping her tweak her job search, but I feel so fortunate that I didn’t have as many issues.
  4. My coworkers are culturally aware. Yesterday there was a ‘Black History Month’ performance at my company, which disturbed me since only one (out of 6 performers) was actually Black. Before I could say anything, both of my teammates commented on it – even adding a nice touch of snark, saying “Well, white people were a big part of Black history. A bad part.” LOL. I know a lot of news articles write off all software engineering guys as insensitive “brogrammers”, and I’d be lying if I said I never experienced discrimination in my profession, I’m very lucky to have a team that is culturally aware and treats me equally regardless of my race and gender.
  5. Slow cookers! This sounds crazy, but I absolutely love my slow cooker. I use it every day to make broth because it is good for my digestion. I used to use the stove, but it was difficult because I’d have to watch it all the time – now, I just dump in some bones, and voila! 12 hours later, I have a nice hot cup of broth.

What are you thankful for?


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