30 Days of Gratitude: Day 29

See the final results of my 30 Days of Gratitude challenge here: 30 Days of Gratitude: Final Reflections.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s day 29! Here are the 5 things I’m grateful for today:

  1. Numi chocolate spice tea. I got it for $2 at Grocery Outlet. I’m loving the chocolate flavor!
  2. Glamping. Basically camping for wussies. My roommate and I have never been camping before, but we want to get into it – we decided we’d try “glamping” first. It looks like a lot of fun! We’re going to try sometime in April when the rains ease up a bit.
  3. Sourcemaking.com. This one is for software engineers, but it’s basically a cool guide to writing better code. My roommate shared it with me yesterday and I’m going to spend the day looking through it. It’s also got a cool logo, if that’s worth anything.
  4. Chase Bank spending alerts. I have an alert on for every time I make a purchase over $25 (basically, all my purchases :P) and every time my balance goes over $500. I’ve recently slashed my credit card bill in half by limiting eating out to once a week (I used to eat out every day), but I’m looking to cut my spending further. It’s not an immediate goal, but having the spending alerts in the meantime makes me really cognizant of how much I spend. I’ve already cancelled Amazon Prime, because I noticed how much that “free one day shipping” was enticing me to buy things I didn’t need.
  5. Evening walks with my roommate. Every day it’s not raining, we do a 2 mile walk around a local lake. She hates exercise, so I’m glad I convinced her to join me. We’ve been doing walks for a couple months now, and it’s been very relaxing. I’m thankful to have someone to walk with, since walking alone wouldn’t be quite as fun!

What are you thankful for?


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