Whole30 Challenge: Day 2

I woke up this morning hungry with slight stomach upset. My stomach has actually been bothering me for weeks – so I don’t think it’s the Whole30. I started the day off with some Numi Chocolate Spice tea and 1t (5ml) of my fermented cod liver oil. I know, sounds gross – but I noticed it really helped my mood when I was suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder. The days I didn’t take it, I felt really irritable.

my Seasonal Affective Disorder savior

I wasn’t terribly hungry around noon, but I was tired and a touch lightheaded – signs I had to eat something. I finished off the other 1/2 can of herring from yesterday and heated up another box of chicken and vegetables.

Moar chicken and veggies

Since today’s Friday and I’m out of chicken and vegetables, I decided to cook up some top sirloin steak in the toaster oven for my next couple meals. I probably should’ve pan-fried it, since it was thin anyway and didn’t get a nice sear even though I used my cast-iron cooking pan. I even used my avocado oil spray. Fail!

Around 3pm, my energy was faltering again, so I had 60g of chestnuts.

Nice carb boost

Around 7pm, had 1/2 a can of sardines to stave off the hunger. My roommate had to work late and I didn’t have any vegetables in the fridge, which meant I couldn’t prepare dinner until she got out of the office.

Cheap Omega-3’s!

By the time we got home (at 9pm), I was still hungry – so I put a sweet potato in the microwave and topped it with cinnamon.

Unglamorous sweet potato

TL;DR Diet Log

  • Morning snack: 1/2 can herring
  • Lunch: 4oz chicken breast (salt + ras el hanout spice mix), 1/2c cooked kale, 1/2c butternut squash
  • Afternoon snack: 60g chestnuts
  • Dinner: 1/2 can sardines; 1/2 (~1c) sweet potato with cinnamon

TL;DR Diet Effects

  • Definitely notice less ‘bloating’/water retention, but this is standard for low-carb diets

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