Whole30 Challenge: Day 3

2 things I’ve noticed since starting Whole30: hunger and dry eyes! I suspect both problems can be remedied by eating more carbs (currently having ~20g carbs per day). My primary goal for Whole30 isn’t to lose weight, so I’m not going to be super strict on the macro specifics. I plan to just eat whatever makes me feel good, as long as it’s within the diet guidelines.

I woke up pretty hungry this morning, so I finished the other half of the sweet potato from last night. My Green Pasture Butter Oil also came in the mail, so I put a tsp (5ml) on there. I also chased down my usual tsp (5ml) of fermented cod liver oil. It’s said that the butter oil + fermented cod liver oil is supposed to do wonders for your health, so I figured I’d give it a try given my great results with the cod liver oil on its own.

Butter oil – to be taken with fermented cod liver oil

For lunch, I had the botched steak I made yesterday, with green beans and potatoes. If you’re asking, “Are potatoes Whole30 compliant?” I can gladly say, YES! I normally don’t eat white potatoes because I prefer sweet potatoes, but I had some in the freezer.

Steak and potatoes

In the afternoon, my roommate and I stopped by IKEA, a ‘homegoods’ store. They specialize in furniture, but they also have housewares. She was inspired by my ‘spartan meal planning’ and wanted to get in on the action – albeit with ramen, Japanese curry, and tacos instead of chicken and vegetables. Since I was hungry, I picked up a small bag of trail mix while she got an ice cream cone. Seeing the amount of sugar in it (14g!) I ended up just eating the nuts. I know some people (including my mom) have trouble binge eating with nuts, but I’ve luckily never had that issue. I’m much more of a candy, chips, and cookies kind of girl. 😉

IKEA trail mix

Afterwards, we took a wonderful stroll in a local park. It was gorgeous!

Nice walk in the park!

By the time we got home, I was famished. I had my usual chicken and vegetables, and even added in 3/4c of sweet potato. Later that night, I was hungry AGAIN – so I settled for half of yesterday’s can of sardines with some green beans stir-fried in chicken broth and za’atar seasoning. I have to say, za’atar IS THE BEST!! I don’t know what they put in it, but I’m a huge fan. I look forward to using it in my cooking going forward.

I actually swapped the potatoes out for fresh sweet potato… the texture was annihilated after all the heating, cooling, and reheating

Today was the first weekend on this Whole30 challenge, which has had its own challenges.

TL;DR Diet Log

  • Morning snack: 1c sweet potato
  • Lunch: 3oz top sirloin steak (salt), 1c green beans, 1/3c potatoes
  • Afternoon snack: handful of nuts
  • Dinner: 3oz chicken (salt + ras el hanout spice mix), 1c green beans, 3/4c sweet potato
  • Late night snack: 1/2 can sardines, green beans (salt + za’atar)

TL;DR Diet Effects

  • Less ‘bloating’/water retention; pants now fitting noticeably looser
  • Dry eyes and fatigue, which seem to resolve themselves upon eating more carbs
  • Stronger sense of smell. I don’t know what the deal with this is, but I can really smell my roommate’s ramen, pizza, and other assorted junk foods. It makes things a whole lot tougher, but I remind myself that it’s only 30 days
  • Much hungrier than before – I suspect this is actually a side effect of my “pre-prepared meal strategy” and not Whole30 itself. I used to graze a lot, which I’ve stopped for this challenge because I know grazing leads to binge eating when I’m stressed. However, I do allow myself (pre-portioned) snacks if I am significantly hungry or so fatigued I can’t concentrate at work. The pre-portioning makes it a lot easier to stop when I’m full instead of continually eating.

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