Whole30 Challenge: Day 4

I had stomach pains in the morning, so I didn’t feel like breakfast. By lunch, though, I was hungry – so I had my usual pre-packed meal – but this time, with salmon instead of turkey.

Pre-packaged meal…this time featuring salmon

I was feeling pretty good – no hunger or cravings! That afternoon, though, my mood took a turn for the worst. I struggle with seasonal affective disorder, so I don’t always know why my mood changes the way it does. I suspect part of it had to do with the gloomy weather we’ve been having lately. It wasn’t raining, but the sky is gray. I decided to leave the house to get some fresh air. I longboarded around a parking lot a bit, which usually improves my mood.

The ground was covered in white petals from the trees

I felt a lot better after cruising around for a bit and doing some mental exercises to improve my mood. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough. When I got home, I was hungry and decided to go out and buy dinner instead of eating my pre-prepared meals. I’ve always been a fan of the roast turkey at this local grocery store. I figured, roast turkey is Whole30, so why not?

Roast turkey leg – tastes better than it looks

Well… joke’s on me. After I had enjoyed 8oz of the turkey and hunger was no longer a pertinent issue, the thought dawned on me that I should take a look at the ingredient list. Lo and behold… SUGAR was on there!

I wanted to beat myself over the head, but I decided that beating myself up for honest mistakes isn’t productive. I knew luncheon meat had added sugar, but I never thought that roast turkey prepared by the grocery store would. Turns out even raw frozen chicken often has “flavoring” injected into it. Guess I was wrong.

Now, I wonder if people who claim they did the Whole30 but “ate out on the weekends” ever realized that they were probably breaking the diet rules every time they went out to eat. Short of “salad with no dressing” (or dairy/grains), I don’t see how you can eat out on this diet. If my roast turkey can have added sugar, who knows what restaurants put in there?

Going forward, I will only be eating food I’ve prepared myself, with the exception of raw fruits and veggies from work. I will also make an exception for the 2oz of cubed chicken breast I usually put on my salads at lunch. It’s true they might be preparing the chicken with “flavoring”, but 2oz isn’t much – and obsessing over food isn’t very healthy. After all, my goal is to nourish my body, not become orthorexic.

TL;DR Diet Log

  • Lunch: 4oz salmon, 1c green beans (salt + za’atar)
  • Dinner: 8oz roasted dark turkey

TL;DR Diet Effects

  • Woke up bloated and gassy. I’m no stranger to waking up with stomach pains (history of IBS and food intolerances), but this seems worse than normal. There were 2 new factors in my diet yesterday – increased sweet potato intake and starting to take ‘butter oil’. Since I have no prior experience with the butter oil and how it impacts my body, I’m going to cut it out until the GI distress resolves. I’ll also cut back on the sweet potato a bit, but not remove it completely because I’ve tolerated it very well in the past.
  • Felt tired after eating the turkey. It might be the quantity (usually don’t eat that much meat in one sitting), the high fat content, or the added “flavorings”. It could also be because it’s turkey, and turkey tends to make you tired. Going forward, I will be more careful with my food sources.

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