Whole30 Challenge: Day 5

Last night was rough. Riddled over anxiety around work, I couldn’t sleep. I ended up staying up until 5am – which at that point, I decided to have breakfast and work a bit. I had about 1c of sweet potato, half yellow and half purple – and then cooked up some chicken breast with za’atar in the toaster oven. I was especially hungry (there’s a reason they say not getting enough sleep makes you fatter), so I had 2 4oz servings instead of the usual one.

Chicken breast x2 (also had 1c sweet potato)

Later in the day, I had lunch at the cafeteria. I missed my awesome salads!

Work salad – the guac is my favorite

I couldn’t concentrate in the afternoon, so I had a small pack of almonds. I felt great afterwards!


By the time I got home, I had another prepackaged dinner. I had a really rough day at work, but having the premade meals allowed me to make healthy choices. I even thought to myself at one point, “I know you want to eat out right now because you’re upset about work. But eating out won’t solve your problem. It’ll just make the frustration go away for a second and leave you with more problems. Instead, you need to work towards solving your problem.

Prevented a binge!

The funny thing is, BECAUSE I didn’t allow myself to eat to cope with my frustration, I was able to more clearly reflect on my situation and ultimately decided that I’m going to start looking for another job. I won’t do anything drastic like quit tomorrow, but I will start preparing for interviews and ‘testing the waters’ again. In the meantime, I plan to transfer offices to avoid the toxic coworker who causes me so much anxiety. I’ve talked about transferring offices with my boss before, so I don’t think it should be any trouble. The biggest hurdle will be finding an apartment close to the other office.

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast – 8oz chicken breast (salt + za’atar seasoning); 1c sweet potato
  • Lunch – large salad with assorted vegetables, 2oz chicken, and 2T guac; lemon juice for dressing
  • Snack – almonds
  • Dinner – 4oz salmon, 3oz chicken with green beans (salt + za’atar seasoning)

Diet Effects Summary

  • Still had stomach pains in the morning. I suspect it may be the sweet potato. I will keep an eye on it, though, as I know GI distress is common in the early stages of Whole30
  • Prepackaging meals has helped me avoid a binge! The protein + veggie combo is also very filling, which makes it easier to stop early
  • However, lack of sleep has caused me to eat more. I’ve had this effect even when I’m not dieting, so I’m not surprised Whole30 isn’t immune.

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