Whole30 Challenge: Day 6

Today was unusual – instead of my usual schedule, I worked out of my “future office” and went apartment hunting during my breaks! Since that meant checking out apartments (and lots of walking in heels… should’ve worn the flats, haha) during lunch break, I totally missed breakfast and lunch.

I finally sat down to eat at 4pm. Since I was in a hurry, I had…almonds!

Almonds…for lunch. I wasn’t lying when I said I was all about convenience!

The weird thing was, after the almonds, I wasn’t very hungry. I had the energy to see another apartment after work and finally got home around 8:30pm. I was so exhausted from the day I thought, “Maybe I should just eat out today.” Then I remembered I had prepared meals at home, and completely changed my mind. I even reminded myself, “Hey, I know you’re tired and stressed – but eating junk food won’t get rid of the problem. In fact, you ARE confronting the problem RIGHT NOW by looking for apartments and transferring offices! In a few weeks, you won’t have to deal with them anymore.

That thought spurred me to write in my gratitude journal. Instead of the usual page, I wrote two. Even though I was exhausted from a full day of work and apartment viewings, I had a lot to be thankful for: my mentor, who confirmed that transferring offices was a good idea; my coworkers in my “future office”, who always treat me kindly; even the apartment managers, who took time to answer my detailed questions about sunlight (one even had seasonal affective disorder too)!

Prepackaged meal prevented me from eating out and bingeing!

Knowing I’ve been having insomnia issues lately, I also added 60g of chestnuts to dinner. The carbs don’t cure the insomnia per se (I can still have insomnia while eating carbs), but a lack of carbs does make it worse.

Carbs to prevent insomnia

Later that evening, I ate another 1/2c of sweet potato and 6oz of salmon. I actually went to sleep at 2am since I wanted to get some stuff in for a deadline. I’m starting to realize I should probably do a “30 Days of Not Being A Workaholic” challenge, but it’s really tough to not work when your manager is constantly working himself – even on the weekends. I need to learn to set boundaries!

Diet Log Summary

  • Snack – almonds
  • Dinner – 3oz chicken (salt + za’atar), 2c broccoli, 60g chestnuts
  • Late night snack (second dinner?) – 6oz salmon, 1/2c sweet potato

Diet Effects Summary

  • Stomach is still generally a bit bloaty and upset.
  • Prepackaging meals has helped me avoid a binge again! I was so tempted to binge eat after a stressful day of apartment hunting, but I didn’t because I knew I had a convenient meal waiting for me at home
  • I know I ate a lot less than normal today, but I did eat a lot more than normal yesterday. I’m not hungry, so I think that’s the important thing.

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