Whole30 Challenge: Day 7

I worked from my normal office today. Since I was exhausted from getting up early to correspond with people in Illinois, I had some breakfast to wake me up. See? It’s definitely true that not sleeping enough will cause you to eat more. 😛

Breakfast at the office

For lunch, I had my usual salad.

Typical lunch salad

For dinner, I had 1/2c sweet potato and my prepackaged meals of chicken and broccoli. I’ve been upping the broccoli a bit to help with satiety, since I feel like I’ve been eating more (as I’ve been getting less sleep). I’m not sure it’s working, but can you really have too much broccoli?

More chicken and vegetables

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast – 1c egg whites, salsa, 1/4c guacamole
  • Lunch – salad with 2oz chicken, assorted vegetables, lemon juice, 2T guacamole
  • Snack – 1/2 can sardines packed in oil
  • Dinner – 1/2c sweet potato, 3oz chicken, broccoli

Diet Effects Summary

  • Side of stomach is a bit sore today. I wonder if it’s because of the extra broccoli over these past few days.
  • As I’ve been sleeping less, I’ve been eating more – it’s definitely something I need to work on. 😛 But at least I haven’t been ‘binge eating’. At no point have I felt the ‘loss of control’ that usually comes when I binge. Even when I eat more food than normal, I have trouble eating past satiety (unlike when bingeing). It’s nice to be able to follow my body’s signals of when to stop eating.
  • I wish I could give some reports of “amazing energy”, but it’s super difficult to determine how Whole30 has impacted my energy when I have been sleeping a lot less than usual because of my current work and apartment hunting situation. That said, I’ve been impressed at how well I’ve held up – I got out a big feature at work today, and I’ve already looked at 2 apartments. Tomorrow, I’ll be looking at 2 more. All of that, with 2-hour one-way commuting. Maybe Whole30 is giving me more energy? I’ve had similarly exhausting weeks in the past where I was basically “out of order” on Thursday and Friday because I had done so much earlier in the week. We’ll see!

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