Whole30 Challenge: Day 8

Today was another apartment-hunting day, which unfortunately meant missing lunch. Instead, I opted for a “brunch” of trail mix, eggs, and vegetables when I got into the office. In the ideal world I’d eat a balanced salad or something, but I have to remind myself – one step at a time. After all, it’s better to follow an imperfect plan 100% of the time than a perfect plan 0% of the time. I’m one of those “all or nothing” people, so I try not to set goals that are impossible to achieve – otherwise, I’ll fail and give up easily.
Trail mix at the office… didn’t eat the peanuts or raisins though!
Raw veggies for snacking
The office also had beef sticks. I was tempted to get one because it said “0g sugar”, but when I checked the ingredient list and guess what one of the ingredients was? SUGAR! I didn’t eat it, but I took a picture for you anyway:
0g sugar? Guess you rounded down…because sugar is on the label. Didn’t eat that!
I didn’t get home until 8pm. I had my normal dinner, but unfortunately had to throw out the broccoli because it was starting to taste off. I suspect part of the problem was I carried the meal box around with me all day (so not refrigerated), in case I wanted to eat it on the go. Next time, I’ll keep perishability in mind.
Another prepackaged dinner
To make up for the lack of broccoli, I had a 60g sachet of chestnuts. I’m curious to see if my stomach hurts tomorrow morning, since I’m beginning to suspect the problem is the broccoli.


Diet Log Summary

  • Brunch: 1/2c almonds, sunflower seeds; 2 eggs, assorted raw vegetables
  • Dinner: 3oz chicken, 60g chestnuts, 1c eggplant

Diet Effects Summary

  • The stomachache and bloating is back. I reviewed my diet, and I think I’ve found the culprit – too much broccoli at dinner! It’s known that cruciferous vegetables can give you digestive distress, so I’m not really concerned. I’ve decided to just ride it out, but if it gets too bad, I’ll decrease my broccoli consumption (maybe swap it out with mixed greens or something). After all, I realize it can take a few weeks for your stomach to get used to dietary changes.
  • I am looking a bit thinner. My wrists (oddly) seem to be leaner since my watch fits a lot more loosely. My stomach is also looking a bit thinner. But again, no numbers or measurements – after all, my goal for this challenge is to develop healthier eating habits, not lose weight! I know if I introduced weight loss as a goal, I would become encouraged to “cheat” if I’m not happy with the numbers on the scale.

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