Whole30 Challenge: Day 11

I woke up pretty energized this morning. I got a full 8 hours of sleep, which was great! Unfortunately, my energy quickly tanked after eating a prepackaged meal of mackerel cakes and green beans.

More mackerel and green beans

Since the same thing happened yesterday with the same meal, I’m starting to wonder if the fatigue is because of the mackerel, green beans, or both. I’ve had green beans and chicken with no issues, so it’s possible it’s the mackerel – but it’s not like I’m a stranger to eating fish. Last month, I ate mackerel fillets  in oil for snacks all the time and never struggled with fatigue. My best guess is the amount of green beans may be the problem. I’ve recently increased it (haven’t been actually measuring, but I estimate it’s 1.5x to 2x more) and I suspect it might be too much for my digestive system. I figure it might be similar to how people get sleepy after a big meal. I’ll be cutting down my vegetable portions the coming week and see if the problem goes away… but for now, I treated myself to a cup of cold brew coffee.

Coffee – black, of course

With the newfound energy from the coffee, I decided to head to Botanical Gardens in San Francisco with my roommate. Since we’re planning to give up our car when we move to the city, we wanted to try to get there only using public transit starting from our apartment complex. A lot of our friends complain about SF public transit, which I may admit is nowhere near as good as Paris (the only other public transit system I can compare it to), but it wasn’t bad at all!

It took us 45 minutes via the subway coming via the station nearest our new apartment – which honestly, would’ve taken just as long as if we drove and dealt with parking. We were previously considering buying a scooter so we could split lanes and not deal with parking as much, but I now think we can do without it. I can see why people who regularly commute using SF public transit complain since it’s a little unpredictable and there are some weird characters – but it’s pretty good for getting around on the weekends. Thank goodness we picked an apartment that’s walking distance to work!

The Botanical Gardens were beautiful!! The entire place felt like a cross between Disney’s Animal Kingdom (minus the animals) and Parisian parks – you’d have some “exhibit” type areas that featured plants from different parts of the world, and then grassy areas where people were just picnicing and enjoying the sun. There was one particular area – the “redwood forest” area – that basically made you feel like you were hiking through the woods. I’m looking forward to returning and having picnics. I feel so lucky that I can afford to move to such a beautiful city!

Flowers at the SF Botanical Garden
Cool tree – wish I had a bonsai version!
Rock paths through the garden

When we got home, I finished off of the rest of the oxtail stew. It was great having a hearty stew after a full day of adventures. An hour later, I was hungry again – so I had 8oz of salmon and an apple. I’m not happy that I’m eating more, but walking around San Francisco probably caused a HUGE spike in energy expenditure… which is why my body is insatiable!

Finishing off the oxtail stew!

I do have to say though, even though I’ve been eating more, I don’t feel like I’m bingeing (including the pistachio episode yesterday when my roommate and I finished 3/4 of a 1lb bag together). I still have to check my diet log to make sure, but it generally feels more like I’m eating what my body needs. I was still hungry after the stew, and still hungry after the salmon – but after the apple, I felt full and satisfied. When I’m bingeing, I feel full but never satisfied. It always feels like my brain wants me to eat more junk food, even though my body is begging me to stop. Sounds like an addiction, doesn’t it?

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 2 mackerel cakes (mackerel, sweet potato, egg, old bay seasoning), green beans, coffee
  • Snack: 60g chestnuts
  • Dinner: oxtail stew, 8oz salmon, 1 large apple

Diet Effects Summary

  • I definitely feel like I have more energy on this diet. With the exception of the fatigue around the mackerel + green bean meals, I’ve been feeling great even though I have had a lot less sleep than before.
  • Prepackaging snacks makes the world of a difference. I brought 2 60g chestnut sachets to the Botanical Garden in case I got hungry… and lo and behold, around 4pm, I told my roommate I’d be down for some pho (without the noodles) after! I ultimately decided that I would eat the chestnuts, and if I was still hungry, we could get pho and I would just drink the broth/eat the meat. However, the chestnuts were more than enough and I was able to wait until I got home to eat. In fact, I even had enough energy to stop by IKEA to see our options for furnishing our new apartment.

2 thoughts on “Whole30 Challenge: Day 11

  1. Love the botanical garden pics. Reminds me of amazing gardens I’ve visited before (mainly in Australia, sigh…). Go easy on the mackerel! Reckoned to be high in pollutants… which can build up in your system 😲

    Liked by 1 person

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