Whole30 Challenge: Day 9

Guess what? I’m moving to San Francisco! Well, I hope that I am – I submitted a rental application for a unit in downtown, only a 15 minute walk from my work. It’s expensive, but it’s right next to the office, 1 block away from work, and a 15 minute walk from 2 major transit systems. I’ll be on the highest floor with a balcony, which means I get a beautiful view of the bay – and tons of sunlight! Best of all, it’s safe at night. When you want to live downtown, that’s almost unheard of.

Since I’ll be moving, I’m planning on using all the remaining food in the freezer. Luckily, the vast majority of frozen food I have is Whole30 approved – for example, I have an assortment of frozen bags of cooked sweet potatoes and random cuts of meat from the local butcher. Since I have at least 3 pounds of oxtail, I decided to make some oxtail stew. I put 1 pound of oxtails, frozen sweet potatoes, frozen tomatoes, onions, and carrots in a slow cooker. 10 hours later, I had a delicious stew on my hands!

Oxtail stew – sooooo filling

I portioned out the stew into 3 meals. I had 2 cups of it this morning for breakfast. Since oxtail is really fatty, it was super filling (and slightly hard on my digestive system). I felt a bit tired after eating it, which rarely happens when I eat lighter meals like chicken and veggies. I had my usual lunch salad, but downsized it by half because I was still so full from the oxtail.

Oddly enough, even that evening at 9pm, I wasn’t hungry – so I skipped dinner. Knowing how tired I was after eating the oxtail…and the fact that I only have the stew pre-prepared in the fridge… I decided to make something lighter for breakfast tomorrow. I picked up a can of “Chub Mackerel” from the store – got to start living more frugally if I’m moving to San Francisco, after all – and decided to make some mackerel patties. I found a recipe for mackerel cakes at Melissa Joulwan’s site, Well Fed (a popular Paleo recipe site), so I figured why not give it a try?

Frugal fish

I used some sweet potatoes from the freezer and swapped the scallions for garlic. I also left out the ghee/coconut oil, but did pan-fry the patties with a light avocado oil spray afterwards. I snuck a taste, and they’re delicious! They’ll be going into the pre-packaged boxes for this weekend.

Ready to go in lunch boxes!

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 2c oxtail stew (oxtail, tomatoes, carrots, onions, sweet potatoes, salt)
  • Lunch: salad (romaine lettuce, mixed greens, carrots, beets, cucumbers, guac)
  • Snack: 30g chestnuts, 1c mango

Diet Effects Summary

  • The stomachache and bloating remain. 😦 It’s also TMI, but I have diarrhea now and have had it for the past few days. I’ll be eating green beans with my pre-packaged meals for the next couple days and we’ll see if it gets better.
  • I have a lot more energy than I expect – but I’m having trouble sleeping too. Fitbit is telling me I’ve had 6 hours and 19 minutes average sleep this week. Normally, having anything less than 7 hours and 30 minutes really hurts my productivity, but I’ve been functioning (relatively) fine on less sleep. Note I say relatively – I wouldn’t say I function as well as I do on 8 hours of sleep, but I am functioning better than I normally do on 6.5 hours of sleep. I suspect part of the problem is work-related stress, but I know part of it is diet related as well because I’ve been waking up from stomach pains every morning.
  • I’d like to note I’ve had stomach issues prior to Whole30 – so I do not blame Whole30 for my stomach pain. I just wouldn’t be surprised if I’m having a harder stomach transition because of my prior issues. In the past, I have actually found carbs, and especially bread (gasp!) to be very soothing to my stomach pain. Once in Paris, I woke up with absolutely horrid stomach cramps and the only thing that would calm it down was a baguette from a nearby bakery (I tried oatmeal, it didn’t really work). Another thing that has really helped my stomach issues is cultured dairy (kefir, yogurt), which isn’t allowed on the Whole30. I do plan to stick without dairy for the rest of the program, but I might add it back in afterwards if the stomach issues do not resolve on their own.

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