Whole30 Challenge: Day 10

Made it to the weekend! I’m pretty proud of myself for how far I’ve come. Last week was ROUGH – apartment hunting in a city a 2 hour commute away (found a place, but the deal might fall through unfortunately), difficult work project, and had to interview a candidate for the first time (went pretty well actually). I even forgot to write in my ‘gratitude journal‘ for 2 days – but I did make up for it by writing 2 doubly long entries. That said, I DID NOT BINGE – which I’m so proud of myself for! There were many times I wanted to binge – or just eat out – and I had to stop and remind myself, “You have prepackaged meals in the fridge at home. There’s no need to eat out. You can do this.

This morning, I had a leisurely start to my day. I heated up some frozen green beans with a dash of berbere seasoning. I packaged 3 meals, each with 2 mackerel cakes from yesterday and a healthy serving of green beans. After that, I made myself a cup of chocolate earl grey tea (delicious) and ate one of the prepackaged meals.

Mackerel cake and green beans

My roommate and I decided to go to San Francisco to sign our lease and explore the city. We had originally planned to go to Golden Gate Park, but we got distracted and ended up having a picnic in a park a few blocks away from the apartment.

Park in San Francisco

Since a Trader Joe’s had opened nearby, we decided to pick up some snacks. It was tough finding things that would fit my diet challenge. The premade wraps and salads were disqualified by default since they all had some type of grain or added sugar. I suppose I could’ve bought a salad and dumped the dressing/any toppings that are not Whole30 approved, but then I might as well just buy a bag of lettuce for half the price. I ultimately settled on some smoked salmon, jicama sticks, and pistachios.

Picnic snacks

The pistachios were a mistake, since they’re pretty darn caloric – and I had PLENTY left over since the smallest bag they had was 16oz. That meant when we got back to San Jose in the afternoon (18k steps on Fitbit!), I had some more for a snack. My roommate and I managed to finish 3/4 of the bag by ourselves! 😛

Despite all the snacking, I was still hungry at dinnertime. I heated up some of the ox tail stew I made a couple days prior and had 8oz of salmon. I’m honestly shocked I was able to eat so much, but I wonder if all the walking had something to do with it. I wasn’t uncomfortably stuffed or anything after eating (which does commonly happen when I stress-binge eat), though I was definitely full.

Since I know it’s going to be difficult to find Whole30 compliant food exploring San Francisco on foot, I’m going to need to take special care to pack snacks in advance. It wasn’t something I thought about in San Jose, because we would only go out to preplanned places. After all, it’s a little tougher to have impromptu adventures in the suburbs. Next time, I’m thinking about getting or making properly-portioned packages of nuts (one handful, not a 16oz bag) to keep with me so I always have a healthy snack on hand.

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 2 mackerel cakes (mackerel, sweet potato, egg, old bay seasoning), green beans
  • Snack: smoked salmon, jicama, pistachios
  • Dinner: ox tail stew, 8oz salmon

Diet Effects Summary

  • I have confirmed broccoli is the culprit. This morning, I had very slight stomach pain – but nothing like the previous days. I suspect it was because I didn’t eat any broccoli yesterday. I’ll be eating green beans in lieu of broccoli for the next few days, so we’ll see if the pains go away completely.
  • I may be putting too much vegetables in my prepackaged meals. I was a bit tired after eating them today, and I tend to get tired if I eat too much in one sitting.
  • Following the diet was easy during the workweek, but arguably much harder on the weekend. It’s a lot harder to find Whole30 compliant food when you’re exploring San Francisco than when you’re spending most of your day in an office. To make things easier in the future, I will prepackage snacks.

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