Whole30 Challenge: Day 12

Argh. Woke up with stomach issues again this morning! 😦 I do have a history of stomach problems prior to Whole30, but I really wish they would resolve. I remember having similar problems on keto… but oh well. I want to give it a fair shot.

I wasn’t hungry this morning, so I just had a bit of coffee. Now, I know some of you might say, “Hey! The coffee is what’s messing things up,” and I’d like to say, “Nice try – 1 cup of coffee makes no difference in my symptoms“. It doesn’t. I also drink coffee pretty rarely. 😛

By lunch, I decided to finish my last box of mackerel and green beans. Knowing that it tends to make me tired, I only ate half and didn’t experience the energy dip. I wasn’t hungry afterwards either. Awesome!

Last box of mackerel cakes

Later that evening, I finished off the mackerel and green beans. I also ate a small sweet potato, which amounted to 1c.

I had a pretty big snack that night of 1 apple and 2 cans mackerel. As you can see, I’m a huge fan of canned fish! I wasn’t physically hungry, but I felt this urge to eat the food. It’s not the same as a binge episode because the urge goes away immediately after eating what your body wants (when I binge, I can’t stop) – I remember something similar happening on keto after ~30 days, when I had the strongest urges to eat carbs. No matter how much fat I ate, the urge would still be there; it only went away after eating sweet potatoes and transitioning off the diet.

I ate 2 of these cans… guess I really like canned fish!

I ate more today than I’d normally like, but I’m also reminding myself that my goal for this diet is not to lose weight; it’s to repair my relationship with food. As long as I’m not bingeing (which seems impossible on Whole30, honestly), I’m succeeding. I’m convinced the reason I can’t lose the last 20 pounds is because of my broken relationship with food – it’s almost impossible to lose weight if you stuff your face any time you’re stressed, no matter how many food groups you restrict or how much exercise you do. If I can learn to manage my relationship with food through this challenge, I can later focus on losing weight.

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: coffee
  • Lunch: 1 mackerel cake (mackerel, sweet potato, egg, old bay seasoning), green beans
  • Dinner: 1c sweet potato, 1 mackerel cake (mackerel, sweet potato, egg, old bay seasoning), green beans
  • Late night snack: 1 apple, 2 cans mackerel

Diet Effects Summary

  • I still have stomach issues. 😦 Even though I did not eat much vegetables yesterday, I still woke up in pain with diarrhea… not exactly something I’m stranger to. :/ I will be going back to the meals I started out with (when the stomach pain was better) – chicken with a moderate amount of vegetables and sweet potatoes for the dry eyes – and see how things go. I don’t blame Whole30 for the digestive issues since I have a history of them, but it is a little disheartening that I’m still having problems almost 2 weeks in. I’d say the biggest thing I cut out of my diet for Whole30 (besides the random binges) was yogurt – which might be the missing factor. I will consider adding it back in when I’m done.

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