Whole30 Challenge: Day 13

Man, I wish these digestive problems would go away! 😦 Even though I cut back on greens yesterday, I still had a rough morning of stomach pain. I’m considering adding chicken broth, something I used to drink quite a bit of for the health benefits of gelatin – but I kind of let that slip when I got caught up with work and apartment hunting.

At least now that the mackerel is finished, I’ll be back on my original meals of chicken + veggies. I’ve cut down the amount of veggies too. Here’s what I had for lunch:

Chicken and broccoli…lunch of champions

Unfortunately, I’ll be kissing my “awesome work lunches” goodbye since I’m transferring offices. This new office doesn’t have as good of a salad bar, but it still does have some choices. Chances are my diet will become more spartan after I move to San Francisco, but this Whole30 Challenge will be over by then – so I won’t be flooding the internet with lunches of egg whites and spinach! 😛

In the afternoon, I had some cashews, eggs, and cabbage/mushroom soup for a snack.

Cashews for snack at work
Cabbage soup for snack at home

For dinner, I just wasn’t feeling my prepackaged meals. I guess 2 weeks of “chicken/fish + vegetables” is enough! That’s not to say I wouldn’t have been happy with beef + vegetables. I was actually tempted to go out to the local store and pick up a steak, but ultimately decided I should be using food I already have in the fridge/freezer since I’ll be moving in 2 weeks.

I looked into the freezer and found a bunch of fruit I had gotten from my local farmer back in August. What do I do with frozen fruit? Smoothies, of course! After googling “Whole30 smoothie” and confirming they are indeed allowed (yes, just sans sweetener), I whipped up an odd concoction of cantaloupe, raspberry, and coconut milk powder.

Weird smoothie – cantaloupe, raspberry, and coconut milk powder

It was alright. I’m sure if I had added stevia I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more, but hey – I said I’d do this for 30 days and I will be doing it for 30 days.

Diet Log Summary

  • Lunch: 4oz chicken breast (salt + old bay seasoning), broccoli
  • Snack: cashews, cabbage/mushroom soup, egg
  • Dinner: cantaloupe, raspberry, and coconut milk smoothie

Diet Effects Summary

  • Same old, same old digestive issues. Sad panda. 😦
  • On the bright side, I am losing some weight – I lost 1.5 inches on my waist! I know I wasn’t supposed to take any measurements, but I couldn’t resist since I can tell I am looking slimmer in the mirror. (The digestive issues aren’t likely the cause of weight loss… compared to what I’ve dealt with before, they’re pretty mild. I actually gained 60 pounds when I was diagnosed with IBS. I was always hungry because my body wasn’t absorbing any nutrients. Now, I feel pretty satisfied with my diet – no cravings or anything!)
  • I can tell I’m experiencing some diet fatigue. I’m going to need to find ways to keep it more interesting. I still have oxtail, chicken bones, and beef marrow bones in the freezer, so I’m considering trying another soup. I already did an oxtail stew, so maybe chicken noodle soup with potatoes instead of noodles?

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