Whole30 Challenge: Day 14

The stomach pains are getting a bit better! Maybe cutting back on the cooked vegetables is the trick. The weird thing is raw vegetables don’t seem to give me the same issues – but perhaps it’s because I mostly eat “lighter vegetables” like lettuce/mixed greens raw and “heavier vegetables” like broccoli and green beans cooked.

I decided to go into the office today since I’m more productive in the office than working at home. I was hungry in the morning, so I went to the cafeteria and had my usual breakfast of egg whites, salsa, and guacamole. I also munched on some cut vegetables.

Really wanted the bacon… but decided to keep it healthy
Cut veggies I ate with breakfast

My energy levels were pretty low by lunch. I’m not sure why, since I wasn’t really hungry. I honestly find it very difficult to deal with fatigue in general – sometimes it’s just hunger in disguise! 😛 The only way I’ve been able to tell whether it’s warranted fatigue or hunger is by checking my Fitbit. I never remember how many hours of sleep I get,s o checking my Fitbit log often surprises me! This week was good (average 7 hours 50 minutes), but last week was horrible (average 6 hours 30 minutes)… so I figure sleep may be a culprit (need sleep debt recovery), but the likely answer is just hunger.

I went ahead and had my usual big salad at lunch. I was lucky, since they had some Whole30 approved steak in the cafeteria.

Steak salad at work – so lucky!

And…right after eating, I felt great again! I guess it was hunger after all? I have a lot of trouble trusting myself because of my history with eating disorders. Unfortunately, my energy started to wane a bit a couple hours later. My best guess is my fatigue is a combination of sleep debt and nutrition, but I don’t know for sure. One thing that I noticed eating salad is that it’s always been very energizing, while eating cooked vegetables (if I eat too much) leaves me fatigued. I think that’s a cue to trying more salads.


By dinnertime, I was hungry again. I had my usual prepackaged chicken + veggies, but I wasn’t satisfied afterwards. I questioned myself, “Am I so hungry that I would eat more chicken and broccoli?” And I thought…yes. Given I’ve been eating a combination of meat + veggies virtually every night for the past 14 days, if I’m interested in eating more chicken and broccoli, I’m probably hungry. It’s frustrating that I have to question myself like this, but I’ve been eating for stress relief for 20 years – it’s going to take a while to regain my normal hunger instincts. I went ahead and ate a second prepacked meal.

Can’t believe I ate TWO of these boxes… must’ve been really hungry

That night, my eyes were really dry. I suppose I’m not eating enough carbs again. However, I resisted the urge to eat more carbs since I wasn’t actually hungry, figuring I could always eat some the following morning.

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 1c egg whites, salsa, cilantro, 2T guacamole, cut vegetables
  • Lunch: steak salad
  • Dinner: 8oz chicken (salt + old bay seasoning), broccoli, chicken broth

Diet Effects Summary

  • Digestive issues are better today. Much less stomach pain and no diarrhea! I suppose the issue was eating too much broccoli/green beans. Going forward, I will try to substitute the broccoli/green beans for salad for one meal, which should cut down the digestive distress but still allow me to get in veggies twice a day.
  • I’ve been snacking more. I didn’t even snack prior to Whole30! I’ve noticed this correlates to days I eat low fat meals; I’ll generally feel tired, eat some nuts, and then perk up again. I know snacking isn’t recommended on Whole30 but I’m not going to make a big deal out of it since it’s hard enough to follow the protocol – but I’m going to try to move away from nuts as snacks towards just having more fat in my meals. If I must have a snack since my meals weren’t filling enough, I will aim on eating cut vegetables. I still have that jar of butter oil I wanted to try out, but stopped because of digestive distress – but now that I know the issue is related to the cooked veggies I’ve been eating, I feel more comfortable adding it back in.
  • My eyes are dry again. My hair is also very dry. I guess that means I should eat more carbs. I am so jealous of all the people who follow keto or other low-carb diets and do not have these symptoms!

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