Whole30 Challenge: Day 15

Guess what! This was the first morning I did not have stomach problems! I was pretty shocked. I’m guessing the chicken broth helped me out, but yesterday was a little different food wise – I had breakfast, which I don’t always do, and I also had a steak salad. I also simply ate a lot more than I usually do, sacking away 2 prepacked meals for dinner. I guess I’ll just try out the chicken broth more and see.

For lunch, I had my usual prepackaged meals – chicken and vegetables. My dry eyes were driving me crazy though (I couldn’t even work, and having contacts makes it infinitely worse), so I went ahead and added in a bag of chestnuts and 1c of sweet potato. Last time this happened earlier on my Whole30, eating more carbs cleared it right up – so I went ahead and did so. Each pack of chestnuts has 25g of carbs, so it’s actually not all too much. Robb Wolf actually recommends 75-150g of carbs for women to prevent hormonal dysfunction.

Last chicken and broccoli meal…need to make more!
I ate 3 bags of these today. Fixed my dry eyes!

The dry eyes got better within the next hour and I felt pretty good. 3 hours later, I started having trouble again, so I added in 2 more bags of chestnuts for a grand total of 120g.

For dinner, I had 8oz salmon with another cup of sweet potato. I dusted it with cocoa powder (no sweetener) and it was delicious!

Everything was great… until I checked the weather forecast. We were supposed to drive to Yosemite the next day for a weekend “glamping” (aka camping for people too intimidated to actually camp) trip, but snow was on the forecast. Knowing that my car is not equipped to deal with snow (and I have no idea how to put on snow chains), I brainstormed ideas from renting out a 4WD to driving to the resort, driving to another town, and then taking a bus into Yosemite from there. It all seemed like a huge hassle – even if I could manage to rent out a 4WD car, I’d have to figure out how to get to/from the car rental place (pricey!) and I STILL might have to put on chains. =.= To make things worse, we’d be leaving the Bay Area after work, which meant I’d have to do it all in the dark.

My roommate, who was going to accompany me on this trip, was no help – she kept insisting everything would be fine, and proceeded to stock up on $40 of groceries for the camping trip. Her selections weren’t what I would’ve picked – biscuit dough, a jar of pizza sauce, 2 pounds of shredded cheese, a box of jumbo rice krispies, and a bag of chips made it on the list. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, since I know the only reason she agreed to the trip was so she could make s’mores, lol. 😛 She happily suggested, “We could just spend the weekend in the cabin! That would be fun!” Sigh. So much for my hiking.

Since I’m no stranger to eating meat out of tins, I packed some cans of kipper snacks, jerky, and trail mix.

Hiking snacks… sans the trail mix, which has its own special feature later

Around 10pm, the National Weather Service reported a ‘Winter Storm Warning’ for the entire area. The warning even said even recommended not traveling, saying “Significant amounts of snow are forecast that will make travel dangerous. Only travel in an emergency. If you must travel, keep an extra flashlight, food, and water in your vehicle in case of an emergency.” At this point, I decided to call my mom for her opinion. She told me to cancel the trip.

After seeing the resort’s cancellation policy (no refunds), I spent the next hour on the phone with my credit card’s trip cancellation insurance. It does seem like we’ll be able to get our money back from my credit card insurance but they said I’d need to file a claim. I’m a bit nervous because I’ve been burned by insurance companies before – they claim something is covered, but there’s always some kind of “gotcha”. I’m going to have to come to terms that it’s very possible I won’t get my $400 back.

Why am I writing about all of this? Well, for the first time in 2 weeks, I stress binged. Granted, it was Whole30 legal, and it wasn’t a “binge” like I used to do… there was no 1/2 pizza, bunch of chips, or anything like that. While I was sorting all of these things out, I munched on a cup of trail mix (that I bought for the trip) and then had an apple. I guess you know you’re improving when your binges turn from pizza, chip, and junk food fests to 1 cup of trail mix and an apple, but I’m still disappointed in myself. 😦

The offending binge foods

At this point, I really think I need to have all trail mixes and salted nuts out of the house because they’re too easy to go overboard on. I actually think if the trail mix were not in the house, I wouldn’t have binged. I definitely think twice when it’s pizza, or some other junk food – but trail mix is easier to justify because I can tell myself “Well, it’s Whole30 legal!!!” Going forward, I’m thinking about keeping only unsalted nuts prepackaged into proper portion sizes (1/4 cup), which will make it even harder to binge.

Funny thing is, I’m normally not tempted by things like trail mix and nuts – but all bets are off when I’m stressed. Live and learn, I guess.

Diet Log Summary

  • Lunch: 4oz chicken (salt + old bay seasoning), broccoli, chicken broth, 1c sweet potato, 60g chestnuts
  • Snack: 120g chestnuts
  • Dinner: 8oz salmon, 1c sweet potato
  • Late night snack: 1c trail mix, 1 apple

Diet Effects Summary

  • Digestive issues are better today, even though I ate so much broccoli the day prior. I’m wondering if the chicken broth helped.
  • My eyes are EXTREMELY dry. It got so bad that I had to put in eye drops every 15 minutes. I decided to up my carbs today with a lot of chestnuts and sweet potato. I was eating ~50g of carbs a day before, so I upped it to ~100g. It feels weird eating all these carbs, but I remember it was all I needed to get rid of the dry eyes in the past. I worry a little that it will “make me fatter”, but I have to remember that 1. even if I ate 2 cups of sweet potato every day, it would likely be significantly less fattening than my previous diet (perfect salads with 1 massive binge every week) and 2. if it takes chronic dry eyes to be thin, I’d rather keep my current weight. 😉
  • I’m going to start prepackaging my snacks – this is the second time I’ve overeaten nuts and I need to take measures to prevent it from happening again.

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