Whole30 Challenge: Day 16

I woke up this morning determined to do something about my trail mix binge last night. I poured myself a glass of chicken broth, pulled out the snack bags and a measuring cup, and got to work.

Snack baggies for trail mix
All portioned out into 1/4c servings

At this point, I also realized that the trail mix had peanuts, which aren’t allowed on Whole30. I decided to stash the trail mix baggies away for when my Whole30 is over. šŸ˜› Nice try, I guess?

By the time I finished packaging the trail mix, I was ready for lunch. I quickly realized I didn’t have any prepackaged meals left in the fridge. I had originally planned to spend the weekend in Yosemite subsisting off of beef jerky, trail mix, and canned fish, but I had to pivotĀ since those plans were canceled.

Guess I’ll be subsisting off of canned fish in the suburbs. Just kidding!

Since I was out of chicken breast, I decided to pack my meal boxes with some meat I had previously prepared and frozen. I was lucky that I ate “Whole30 legal” prior to this challenge (besides the stress binges), so I didn’t have to worry whether the ingredients were ok. I found braised lamb with apricots and braised oxtail with anise. Since I ate oxtail a week ago, I decided to go with the lamb.

Braised lamb with apricots and veggies

The lamb tasted a lot stronger (both sweeter and saltier)Ā than I remember – but I’m pretty darn sure I didn’t add extra sugar. In fact, I still remember the recipe I used from Serious Eats! I bet the change in taste is from my tastebuds resetting, a phenomenon I experienced before when I tried keto for a month. To compensate for the overseasoning, I decided to leave the vegetables unseasoned and let the lamb flavor carry the entire meal. I also packedĀ less lamb than I would chicken, opting for 3oz portions instead of 4oz.

For dinner, I had salmon and veggies. I’m going to try to steer away from fish for the next week or so since I’m concerned that I’m eating too much of it, but I figured it was what I had on hand!

Later that night, I had 1c of watermelon. My roommate had cut some up, so I figured – why not? I think I’ll probably have to cut down on my fruit snacking if I want to lose weight, I decided to not be so hard on myself. Since my Yosemite trip was canceled, I really wanted to eat out today, but I decided that I promised myself 30 days on this diet. Eating a cup of watermelon isn’t anywhere near as “bad” as going out would’ve been! It honestly gets a little challenging when you’re used to using food as entertainment, but it’s something I’m going to have to learn.

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast:Ā chicken broth, kipper snacks
  • Lunch: 3oz braised lamb with apricots, California veggie mix
  • Afternoon snack: 60g chestnuts
  • Dinner: 8oz salmon, veggies
  • Late night snack: 1c watermelon

Diet Effects Summary

  • Digestive issues areĀ almost resolved today! I’m still having some stomach weirdness from that time of the month, but it’s minimal now. Chicken broth is the best!
  • My dry eyes are gone! I was a little puffy this morning (pretty normal considering I went from ~50g of carbs to like ~200g overnight), but it seemed to go down as the day went on.
  • I’m getting a little diet fatigue again. I’m thinking about going to the farmer’s market (or something) this weekend to pick up some new veggies to add some more flair to my diet. So far, I’ve been eating frozen veggies, which while convenient, is boring. I’m hoping some new vegetables will make this diet more fun!
  • I’ve been snacking a lot on chestnuts, nuts, fruit, and canned fish. Since I love the veggie snack packs at work (precut bell peppers, radishes, tomatoes, carrots, and celery), I decided I’m going to make my own this weekend! This should add some more variety to my snacks and provide a “lighter” alternative.

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