Whole30 Challenge: Day 17

No stomach pain again!! I guess the chicken broth is my savior! 😀 I’m so happy to have finally found a way to eat Whole30 without stomach pain. 🙂 Some say your body will just adjust to it – and hey, maybe it would’ve adjusted without the chicken broth – but with a history of IBS, I’ll take what I can get.

I started the morning with my braised lamb meal box and 1/2 sweet potato. I was going to record it down as “1 cup”, but out of curiosity, decided to pop out the measuring cups and actually measure it. The results were shocking – what I was previously recording as “1 cup” actually amounted to only half a cup! And here I was wondering why I had dry eyes even though I was eating so much sweet potato… 😛

Lamb box for lunch!

As lunchtime rolled around, I found myself getting hungry. I had 1 cup of seafood soup and the other half of the sweet potato with cocoa powder. I’m actually loving this sweet potato + cocoa powder combination – tastes just like dessert! Then again, I used to also snack on 100% cocoa bars in Paris and I adore black coffee, so my definition of “tastes like dessert” may be different than yours.

After lunch, my roommate and I decided to go grocery shopping. I wanted to pack ‘veggie snack packs’ this week to reduce my reliance on nuts, trail mix, and chestnuts for snacks. We picked up carrots, celery, radishes, tomatoes, and avocados. We got SUPER lucky with the avocados – the store had a special for small bags of ~3 avocados for $0.99 since they were ripe! I grabbed 2 of the bags and made a third into green goddess dressing, froze another third for smoothies, and put the remaining third in the fridge.

Veggie snack packs – watch out, world!

For dinner, I had my final lamb meal box and half an avocado. My roommate told me she wanted to deep fry some bananas for dessert, so I decided it was a perfect opportunity to use the chicken drumsticks in the fridge. I baked 4 of the drumsticks in a cast iron pan with creole seasoning and decided to deep fry the other two (no breading, the skin is enough).

Deep fried chicken drumsticks – no breading needed!

The chicken drumsticks were great – crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside – but maybe a little too much fat for the day. In retrospect, I should’ve limited myself to just one instead of two. I felt tired after eating them, a sure sign that my digestive system was working overtime. On the bright side, I also felt really warm, which was a nice change from feeling cold all the time. I’ve actually noticed high fat diets raise my body temperature like no other – a nice side effect during an unexpected bout of cold weather!

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 3oz braised lamb with apricots, California veggie mix, 1/2c sweet potato with cocoa powder
  • Lunch: 1 cup seafood soup, 1/2c sweet potato with cocoa powder
  • Dinner: 3oz braised lamb with apricots, California veggie mix, 1/2 small avocado, 2 fried chicken drumsticks

Diet Effects Summary

  • Digestive issues are gone! All hail chicken broth!!
  • Dry eyes are also gone! The bloating from yesterday’s carb load went away completely. I’m looking pretty lean this morning, and loving it.
  • I’ve been struggling with a bit of depression for the past 2 days. I suspect it has to do with the storms (the same one that forced me to cancel my Yosemite trip) and generally rainy weather. I have SAD, so I’m not surprised. 😦

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