Whole30 Challenge: Day 21

I have good news and bad news this morning – the good is that I’m looking slimmer than ever. I honestly expected a bit of bloat from all the carbs I’ve been eating, but it looks like they’re leaning me out even more. As a long-time low carb diet fan, it feels a little odd… but I’ll take it!

The bad news? The dry eyes are still here. 😦 I shouldn’t be surprised since I went to bed with slightly dry eyes, but part of me was hoping they’d be gone by the morning after that sweet potato at dinner. In line with my new plan to eat ~50-75g of carbs a day, I had some mashed turnips with olive oil and California veggies for breakfast.

Without the drumstick – I ate that last night! 😀

I’m honestly a little hesitant to eat the turnips the same way I was hesitant to eat the braised lamb earlier in this challenge since I prepared them months ago and don’t remember 100% what I put in them. I’m pretty confident they’re Whole30 legal, but I also know that I put a good amount of olive oil in them since they come from my keto days.

Around lunchtime, I was hungry and had a drumstick and mashed turnips. I felt tired after eating the turnips, which probably indicates they have a lot of fat. I don’t want to eat food that makes me feel tired, so I’m going to back off on the turnips.

In the evening, I decided to plot out everything I’ve eaten over the past 3 weeks to determine the cause of the dry eyes. I originally blamed it on carbs because carb consumption tends to make it better. However, I noticed I did not report dry eyes during my long stretch of reporting stomach pain – yet my carb consumption during that period was actually (slightly) lower than it is now! :/ I then recalled that ate fewer carbs during my keto diet, and never once had to deal with dry eyes – perhaps eating more fat would help?

I took some fish oil and evening primrose oil. For dinner, I decided to eat fatty fish – a can of sardines, a can of kipper snacks, and half a can of mackerel.

More fish – hoping the fat will help

It didn’t really help. 😦 I gave it a couple hours, and the dry eyes started to get to the point where I couldn’t sleep. Even thought I wasn’t hungry, I ate 100g of sweet potatoes to stop the dry eyes. Within 30 minutes, things were running a lot better.

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: chicken broth, mashed turnips with olive oil and California veggies
  • Lunch: chicken drumstick, mashed turnips with olive oil and California veggies, raw veggies
  • Dinner: fish oil, evening primrose oil, sardines, kipper snacks, 1/2 can mackerel, raw veggies, chicken broth, 100g sweet potatoes, 1 small avocado

Diet Effects Summary

  • I’m surprised that I did not eat more carbs on the days I wasn’t struggling with dry eyes. I suspect carbs is part of the equation, but there’s another part of the puzzle I’m missing. For now, I’ll stick with sweet potatoes.
  • I am looking slimmer!

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