Whole30 Challenge: Day 22

I’ll be honest – I’ve been experiencing some anxiety around eating carbs because I’m afraid they’ll make me fatter. Before Whole30, I would weigh myself for reassurance. However, I’m actually REALLY glad that I chose to not weigh myself for this challenge since I’m 100% sure if I did, I would’ve quit by now. In fact, I’m going to leave the scale when I move. Why?

It’s really discouraging.

I use the scale for 2 things: to confirm I’m not gaining weight (when I start a new diet), and to confirm I’m losing weight (after I’ve been on the diet for a week or so). The scale helps to confirm I’m not gaining weight, but it’s disastrous when I use it to confirm I’m losing weight. I’m only 5’1, which means even 5 pounds makes a HUGE difference in the way I look – but 5 pounds is nothing for most people. I get it. Relative to their height, 5 pounds is nothing

See where I’m going with this? If I focus on the number of pounds lost, I’m bound to be disappointed. I live in a world where number of pounds lost is the KPI, regardless of height or even starting weight. People are simply more enamored with someone who goes from 300 pounds to 200 pounds than someone who goes from 180 pounds to 120 pounds because “obviously losing 100 pounds is better than 60.” Never mind that both people lost the same % of their body weight. That’s why I say I’m pretty sure I would’ve quit by now if I had started this challenge with the scale. I would’ve seen a 5 pound weight loss, thought “5 pounds is nothing”, and gave up.

However, I fully recognize the downsides of not using the scale – that’s why I have anxiety around eating carbs! I came of age around the time of Atkins, so I’m constantly afraid eating more carbs will make me fatter despite all the evidence to the contrary (my legs look slimmer, my face looks slimmer, even my wrists are smaller).

I decided I’m just going to have to face my carb anxiety head on. If my eyes are dry, and carbs fix it, then what’s the problem? 😀

This morning, I had 100g blueberries with 100g of purple sweet potato. 😛

For lunch, I had some kipper snacks and 1 small avocado. We had a power outage, so I guess that’s not a bad excuse to eat canned fish!

Power outage – perfect time to eat canned fish!

For dinner, I had another can of kipper snacks, some raw veggies and 2 cups of a pork pumpkin soup. It was delicious!

Pork and pumpkin soup

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 100g blueberries with 100g of purple sweet potato, 1/2 can mackerel, raw veggies
  • Lunch: 2 cans of kipper snacks, small avocado
  • Dinner: 1 can of kipper snacks, raw veggies, pork pumpkin soup

Diet Effects Summary

  • My dry eyes were gone today. Maybe it’s the blueberries and the sweet potato?
  • I ate a lot of fatty fish today and feel pretty satiated. It really pales in comparison to the first days on the Whole30 when I ate mostly chicken breast and was hungry all the time! I have still yet to find the ‘optimal’ amount of fat to lose weight and still feel satiated (I have overdone it on the fat before), but it’s nice feeling satisfied.

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