Whole30 Challenge: Day 23

It’s funny how few cravings I’ve had during this entire challenge. I thought it’d be really hard to give up sugar and dairy, but I’ve actually found that it’s made my life a lot easier. Even when I stress/boredom eat (I still do, unfortunately – I just snack on cut raw veggies or nuts in the worst case) I get full and am able to stop myself. Even if I go crazy on the canned fish, my body starts to say “enough” at the second can. It was never that way with the food I used to eat before – I could eat cups and cups of yogurt and granola until I felt sick. I could even eat a whole wedge of cheese (like 8oz) in one sitting. Then, I’d have to worry about how all the junk I was eating was affecting my waistline.

I don’t plan on going back after this diet – any brief pleasure from eating junk food is just not worth the guilt, frustration, and self-monitoring afterwards. It’s not to say that I still don’t obsess over the grams of carbs I’ve eaten, or the ounces of meat – it just really helps to be able to feel satisfied with what you’re eating.

This morning, I had a Whole30 approved hot dog (not my preferred meat of choice – I’ve been cleaning out the freezer in preparation for my move) and some California veggies.

Not my ideal Whole30 meal…but the hot dogs are grass fed!

In fact, I ended up eating that same hot dog + California veggie meal for the rest of the day. In the afternoon, I did have a sweet potato blueberry snack though.

Sweet potatoes and blueberries

Diet Log Summary

Diet Effects Summary

  • I am really settling into this diet. I really like it! It’s great to not suffer from sugar cravings and bingeing/purging behavior anymore. I intend to keep it up even after the 30 days – with the exception of allowing rice on the weekends when I eat out.

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