Whole30 Challenge: Day 25

This morning, I wasn’t very hungry – but I went ahead and made myself breakfast anyway out of habit. While it’s not an issue with Whole 30 because the food is nutritious and satisfying (there’s little chance of binge – unless you’re eating nuts), it’s a behavior I’d like to curb. It’s very hard for me to just eat when I’m hungry, and not because “it’s breakfast time” or “I’m bored“. I have been making some progress about snacking, though.

This morning, I had a braised lamb salad with leafy greens and cucumber. I also had some sweet potato with strawberries.

I was pretty darn full after – maybe because I wasn’t terribly hungry to begin with! It’s funny, because I’ve had the exact same meal before and was ravenous afterwards. Guess that’s my body self-regulating!

I ended up missing lunch but had a heavy dinner. We went out to the Japanese restaurant and I had the same pork bone broth, seaweed, and pork belly that I ate a week or so ago. I also had a bit of chicken.

Later that evening, I got hungry again. I ate some of my prepackaged trail mix and some sweet potato, but it just wasn’t satisfying me. It wasn’t until I had some beef sticks from US Wellness Meats that I felt full. It felt a bit odd to still be hungry after eating all that trail mix and sweet potato, but I’ve learned that I just need to trust my body (and that I probably shouldn’t store trail mix as a snack in the future since it’s so easy to overeat).

Diet Log Summary

  • Breakfast: 3oz braised lamb with apricots, 2c leafy greens, cucumber, 1/2c sweet potato with strawberries
  • Dinner: tonkotsu broth, seaweed, pork belly, chicken
  • Snack: 1/2c trail mix, 1/2 sweet potato, beef sticks from US Wellness Meats

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