Whole30 Challenge: Day 27

You know what’s crazy? I checked my Fitbit this morning and… I am finally in the “average” category for cardiovascular fitness! 😀

Finally average!!

The funny thing is, I exercise less now than I did before. Before, I used to do a 1 hour walk around a local lake every day. Now, my steps are way down – I’ve been so busy packing that I haven’t really had the time for leisurely strolls. Given my stamina is much better when I do walk around (when running errands in SF) and my roommate says my energy is better, I’m going to say it’s all thanks to Whole30!

I missed breakfast because I woke up late, but I had some pork meatballs and salad for lunch.

Meatballs and greens

In the afternoon, I was hungry – so I had 60g of chestnuts and trail mix for a snack.

Even pre-portioning out the trail mix wasn’t enough to stop it from waking my sugar dragon…

I was shocked at the result – I started feeling cravings again! I think the combination of dried fruit, stress (moving this weekend), and a busy day (entire day packing/cleaning/etc) activated my “sugar dragon“. For the first time since the start of this Whole 30 challenge, I felt like I really wanted to eat junk food.

Duck legs and salad
Seafood soup

It didn’t help that my roommate and I decided to stop by my office for dinner, where there are temptations everywhere you turn. We needed to pick up my bike and some moving boxes. I ate a large serving of duck legs, seafood soup, and salad in hopes that it would stop the cravings, but it didn’t. Ultimately, I successfully resisted the ice cream bar with toppings, but ended up eating some of my roommate’s ratatouille pastry tart. She said it was reaaaaaaally good, and I couldn’t resist.

The funny thing is, those few bites weren’t worth it. I’d much rather have some of that chicken breast with za’atar I ate when I first started this challenge. 😛

By the time I got home and cleaned for a couple of hours, my sugar dragon woke again – but this time, I was determined to get back on the horse. After all, this is Whole 30, not Whole 27, right? I ate a bunch of taro and chestnuts, which seemed to stop the cravings in their tracks. Weird how starchy vegetables seem to help, while dried fruit made things worse.

Diet Log Summary

  • Lunch: Pork meatballs (za’atar and salt), leafy greens
  • Snack: 60g chestnuts, 1/2c trail mix
  • Dinner: duck legs, seafood soup, ratatouille pastry tart, taro, 60g chestnuts

Diet Effects Summary

  • I have better exercise stamina. I don’t routinely do any fitness routines (might be on the horizon though – 30 days of fitness challenge?) but I’ve found that walking around San Francisco doesn’t make me tired anymore. I also notice I walk faster than I used to. My Fitbit confirms my progress! 😀
  • I can’t eat trail mix anymore. The dried fruit wakes up my sugar dragon! I’ll make sure to not bring any to the new apartment and spend extra time preparing cut veggies if I need something to tide me over until the next meal.

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