Whole30 Challenge: Day 28

This morning, I had a bit of the sugar dragon cravings from the night before. Knowing how starchy vegetables stop it in its tracks, I had some sweet potato. I also decided to try out this white mulberry tea – it’s supposed to help balance sugar levels in your bloodstream. Don’t know if it’ll do anything, but I drink tea anyway… and isn’t the packaging cute?

Taste wasn’t the best…but isn’t the packaging cute?

I’m also happy to report I don’t have any extra bloating from the carbs I ate last night. Sometimes if I eat too many carbs, I tend to bloat up the next day. Not this time!

Pork meatballs

For dinner, I had some pork meatballs, oxtail soup and more sweet potato. Later that evening, I made a lettuce, strawberry, and banana smoothie – needed to use up all that produce!

Diet Log Summary

  • Lunch: sweet potato, 60g chestnuts
  • Dinner: oxtail soup, 8oz pork meatballs, sweet potato
  • Snack: smoothie (lettuce, strawberry, banana)

Diet Effects Summary

  • I think it’s odd that dried fruit triggers my sugar dragon, but starchy vegetables and fresh fruit tame it. I’ve even had watermelon with no problems. Maybe all that water in the starchy vegetables and fresh fruit makes a difference?
  • I’m hoping that the mulberry tea calms down the cravings. I’ve been eating a lot more carbs which seems to help, but I know that the real problem is I’m under a lot of stress right now (moving apartments, cleaning the entire house before I move out, hard project at work) and I’m used to managing stress by eating sugar. I tend to be a bit of a perfectionist, so I’m going to ease up to see if it helps.

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