No Home Internet Challenge: Day 1

On a day like this, I would’ve normally work from home. I was pretty tired from moving and running errands. IKEA furniture is easy to put together, but still gets exhausting after you’ve assembled a desk, TV stand, and bedframe! Since I had no home internet, I was forced to go into the office. I was pretty exhausted so I didn’t have the most productive day, but I suppose that’s the cost of living without home internet.

Knowing I wouldn’t have an entertainment source for the evening, I found a design and engineering meetup to go to for the next day. The networking aspect of meetups honestly freaks me out, but i figured even if I don’t talk to anyone it’ll at least be interesting. They have an hour of lightning talks prepared. Another bonus is it’s close to both home and work so I can just drop by!

When I got home, I took a long, relaxing shower and the continued unpacking. When my roommate got home, we went shopping for cooking pans. I bought a new pillow because the one I bought the day before was too soft and gave me neckaches.

The funny thing is, I still ended up surfing the internet on my phone later that night! Granted, it wasn’t a highlight of the night, like it usually is. It was more googling for various DIY home questions – like how to fix IKEA furniture you nailed in the wrong way (lol) or how to prevent your houseplants from damaging your wood table.

Part of me wonders if this challenge is worthwhile because it’s not likely we’d use home internet anyway, given we’re spending our evenings unpacking/furnishing the apartment. I feel like it would be a lot more challenging to unplug from the internet at home if we were already established. That said, I never planned to do this challenge – I just wanted to transform an inconvenience into a learning experience.

If all I learn is that it’s no big deal to not have home internet set up when you move into a new apartment, that’s good to know – maybe then I would spend more time focusing on not forgetting to pack things (like pans!) instead of stressing out over all the logistics I have to keep track of. 😛 Alternately, if it’s a horrible 2 weeks, then I’ll know I better prioritize getting things set up before move-in day. Either way I learn something, so win-win!


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