No Home Internet Challenge

When I moved into my new apartment in San Francisco, I realized I screwed up – I forgot to get the internet set up! 😛 Well, I didn’t exactly forget – more like I didn’t realize I couldn’t just drive by and pick up the equipment from my provider instead of having to wait for it in the mail. :/ My old provider, Comcast, allowed me to pick up the equipment the day I signed up, but I decided to go with a new one because of poor service. I remember having to fight Comcast reps to honor the promos they promised when I signed up. This new provider is promising double the internet speed for half the price, so I’m hoping the inconvenience is worth it.

In the meantime, I figured, why not blog about this challenge? While I do love the internet (and my job is dependent on it), it definitely has its downsides. For one, it’s very distracting – it’s so easy to waste hours on Netflix, Youtube, Facebook, etc – instead of actually living life. While there’s arguably nothing wrong with watching a few kitten videos to unwind, it does become a problem when you’re spending hours mindlessly surfing the web.

Without internet at home, I hope to see the following life changes:

  • More time spent in-person with friends
  • More time spent exploring my new city
  • More time going to career-related events
  • More time spent on “productive” hobbies like cooking, reading books

Since I am a web engineer, this challenge only applies to home internet. I’d still have access to the internet at work (how else would I do my job?) and on my corporate phone. That said, I don’t really spend time on Netflix or anything like that at work, nor do I use my phone to browse the internet. In fact, I mostly use my phone for navigation and the occasional text message. Since I am still furnishing my apartment, I do intend to use my phone to order things on Amazon and price check items.

I’m not specifying the number of days for this challenge because I honestly don’t know how long it’ll take to get service set up. The rep told me 2 weeks, but it could be faster or slower. We’ll see!


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