No Home Internet Challenge: Day 6

I didn’t blog over the weekend because I technically did have internet – I went down to my old family friend’s house to move some things I forgot/clean up. I took advantage of the opportunity and finished 2 weeks worth of my contract web development work to avoid the hassle of finding internet during off-work hours in SF.

I received my Sonic equipment today, but lo and behold – it didn’t work. They’re sending out a technician tomorrow to take a look. I’m honestly irritated, since I know other apartments in my complex have Sonic. I’m also anxious about difficulties with the apartment management. The staff is very nice, but they’re overbooked and can be very difficult to get ahold of.

I was very stressed because I had to cancel a flight last minute – and let’s just say Jet Blue’s mobile site isn’t great. If there’s a way to cancel a flight on the mobile site, please let me know! 😀 I know I can just call in, but I always prefer to do financial things online (like buying/returning items/services) after horrid issues with Comcast from setting up my internet service over the phone. They claimed that I had not asked for a promotion that would cut my bill in half when I signed up, when I’m 100% sure I did. I ended up having to argue on the phone for over an hour, and only got a partial refund. Now I book things online and take screenshots so I have a record.

On the bright side, it’s funny how not having home internet tends to put you in problem-solving mode. I found out that my apartment complex has free wifi in the library and fixed the flight issues there! It’s really a lifesaver because now I’ll be able to come down to work at any hour. There’s actually a Starbucks right next to the apartment, but they close really early.


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