30 Days of Productivity: Day 2

Time Breakdown:

Expanded my chart…now includes Tuesday & Wednesday!
Look at that unproductive slice of pie!


  • I implemented yesterday’s optimizations: listening to a podcast during my morning bath and focusing more on personal development time. I’m not sure how I feel about the morning bath podcast – while it was interesting, it also detracted from the “relaxing” part of it! I found myself wanting to get out of the bath sooner to start my day, which may or may not be a good thing.
  • It was a slower day at work again, so I spent all my “free” time there reading up on tech topics I was curious about (JavaScript Engines, bash vs zsh, Unix vs Linux). I definitely learned a lot, but was exhausted by 4:30pm. I suppose learning does take more brainpower than browsing the web.
  • I’m not happy with the 3.5 hours I spent being unproductive (mindlessly surfing the web). These were part of a ~1h block between my day job and night time job. I was so tired after spending all day reading about tech topics that I couldn’t really focus.
  • Even though I felt more productive today, my analysis shows I was actually less productive than on Tuesday!! This is because I made the distinction between relaxing and unproductive time. I’d argue that this distinction makes sense, because my “relaxing” category only accounts for deliberate, quality relaxing time that leaves me refreshed. On the other hand, the “unproductive” category doesn’t really add much value. I mean, sure – watching cat videos online is funny – but I don’t really feel refreshed after doing it.


  • I was pretty exhausted today from the time I spent on personal development, so I don’t think I can jam any more “personal development” or “career” time into my schedule.
  • I’d like to transfer some of that “unproductive” time into quality “relaxing” time. For example, I always tell people I love to draw/paint, but I have no time. One thing I’d really like to do is make some wire wall art to decorate my new apartment – if I reallocated my mindless web surfing time to it, I could accomplish it!
Going to make time for this!

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