30 Days of Productivity: Day 3

Time Breakdown:

Crazy how varied my days are…
That’s a lot of personal development!


  • Wow, 10 hours of personal development! You may wonder what I was doing during that time – about half of it was blogging/planning future blog posts and half of it was technical (learning new software technologies). Honestly, I felt like it was too much – by the end of the day, I was exhausted. I’m not even sure I recall 100% of the things I did. In terms of mental exertion, “personal development” ranks about the same as “career” (work that people pay me to do)… so I need to treat it the same way.
  • I don’t know how to take a break! Even on days with light workloads, I still managed to put in 10 hours of learning. That’s not sustainable.
  • I did spend some of my “relaxing” time researching designs for my wire art. 🙂 I realized I’ll need to get a projector to first project the design on the wall, and then an extension cord that’s long enough. I asked my roommate if we could use her parents’ projector – we’ll see!


  • I will transfer some of the time I spend learning about software to learning the best strategies for taking a break. I assume some are better than others – I’d guess taking a walk around the block is much more refreshing (and less likely to kickoff an hour of wasted time) than watching a cat video, but how would I know unless I did some research on it? 😛

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