30 Days of Productivity: Day 4

Time Breakdown:

Should I be relaxing so much on Friday?
Good chunk of day being unproductive 😦


  • Because of my 10 hours of personal development yesterday, I ended up swinging the other way today – lots of relaxing! 😛 I’d say my “relaxing” time was split about 3 ways: 1/3 a nap, 1/3 getting dinner with a friend, and 1/3 watching TV. I don’t mind the dinner with a friend or the nap – but I’m not loving the ~3h spent watching TV. On the other hand, it was more of a combination of watching TV and spending time with my roommate – not just a crazy binge watch. I also don’t watch much TV during the course of the week.
  • Guess where the 3 hours of being unproductive came from? Eagerly waiting on responses from people and Facebook browsing! I momentarily logged back onto my Facebook to join a fitness group, and was greeted with welcome messages and encouragement. I found myself keeping the browser window open to “like” any new messages that came in. Talk about unproductive! 😛 I really appreciate their enthusiasm, but it made me remember the reason I left Facebook in the first place – it’s so distracting! I don’t think the answer is to get off of Facebook entirely (I have missed a lot of messages that way), but I will need to find a way to timebox it.
  • I started reading Getting Things Done by David AllenOne thing he posits is that “open loops” such as “I need to….” or “I should…” clutter your mind and stress you out. The way to cure it is to just do the item (if it takes 2 minutes or less) or to put it aside for processing later. To help me with the processing part, I finally got a todo list app. I’m trying Any.Do, which I selected because you can view your list by “Today”, “Tomorrow”, “Upcoming”, and “Someday” or by category. Now, whenever I think of something I need to do, I open my phone and put it in there so it’s off my mind. Even though I haven’t finished the book, this strategy has already made awesome changes in my life – I FINALLY cleared my apartment of empty moving boxes, submitted my change of address form to USPS, and requested a consultation with a physical trainer!
Yeah, guess I have weird things on my todo list…


  • At some point, I’m going to need to address this swinging between work (career and personal development) and relaxing. Since the weekend is coming up, I have a feeling the next 2 days will skew heavily towards relaxing, but taking productive breaks will be one of the first things I address on Monday.
  • I’m still not sure if there’s an optimal way to group things on my todo list – such as bunching all laundry related things on Sunday mornings, for example. I’d assume grouping things would be more efficient instead of haphazardly addressing things as they come up, but I’m honestly pretty happy right now with the fact that I’m actually doing things that I meant to do months ago.

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