30 Days of Productivity: Day 5

Time Breakdown:

Lots of relaxing and errands today


  • I spent a good amount of the day relaxing and running errands – the way a Saturday should be!
  • The Any.Do todo list app is working pretty well! Coming at it with the mindset of “I NEED to finish everything on today’s list” really helped. For example, I had “study an algorithm question” on there – which is something I’ve been avoiding. But seeing how I completed every other thing, I forced myself to sit down and do it – at midnight. I even decided I could study in the bath (I have a portable whiteboard and dry erase markers), which made the prospect less painful. In the end, I studied for an hour and learned something new!


  • Next week, I’d like to start building a routine – errands on this day/time, work for this job on this day/time, etc. I have been getting more things done by simply forcing myself to do things that take 5 minutes or less immediately, but it often feels a bit haphazard. It does feel really good to cross things off my todo list though!

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