30 Days of Productivity: Day 6


Time Breakdown:

Huge portion of relaxing time… guess that’s ok for a weekend?


  • To be honest, the vast amount of unproductive time today comes from me not remembering what I was doing! It’s a lot harder to keep track of the time you spend on things when you’re not engaged at your computer. Unfortunately, I’ve decided that if I can’t remember what I was doing at a certain point, chances are it wasn’t productive – because if it were, I’d remember the value it added to my life! 😛
  • A lot of my unproductive time is concentrated right before bed, when I mindlessly browse the web. The sad thing is, I don’t feel particularly refreshed the next morning when I wake up – it would be better if I used that time to go to bed earlier! I need to find a better way to wind down at the end of the day.


  • My main focus for this coming week will be reducing unproductive time. Since I’ve recognized it is concentrated before bed, I am going to find better ways for me to use that time to either relax or go to bed earlier.
  • One issue I’m finding with the Any.Do app is that it’s not easy to adjust if your plans change. I originally planned to go to San Jose to run some errands, but decided against it because I was tired from exploring San Francisco the day before. As a result, I had to move ~10 todo items to a later date, which wasn’t very convenient in the interface. Other than that, the app does a good job helping me manage the things I need to do that day – I’m just hoping to find a better way to manage things I need to do in the future.

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