30 Days of Productivity: Day 8


As I discussed yesterday in my Week 1 Productivity Analysis, I changed the way I’m breaking down my time from “traditional” categories (such as relax vs work) to goal oriented categories.

My goals are as follows:

  • Sleep hygiene/take productive breaks (relaxing, taking quality breaks)
  • Clean apartment
  • Lose weight (preparing meals, exercise, talking with trainer)
  • Get a better job (interview prep)

Of course, I also wanted to track the time I spent on non-goals, such as work and blogging. Someday, I could see blogging becoming a goal – but for now, it’s more hobby than anything. 😛

Time Breakdown:

Time broken down by goals
Spent half of my waking hours working towards personal goals – not bad!
Looks like a relatively even split
I blog as much as I work? Yeesh!


  • I spent half of my waking hours working towards my goals, which I’m pretty happy with. I suspect most days aren’t as good as this.
  • I spend too much time blogging! 3.5 HOURS yesterday? Granted, most of that was analyzing my data, making charts, and coming up with an action plan – but as someone who tends to do that kind of thing for fun, I need to watch the time.


  • I need to timebox the blogging/analysis/thinking. At the end of the day, it’s a hobby – not a goal. I’m aiming for 30 minutes a day, 1 hour tops.

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