30 Days of Productivity: Day 10

Time Breakdown:

Why so unproductive? 😦


  • I spent a large percentage of my time working towards my goals, but a lot of that (7 hours!) was relaxing. I’d split that 7 hours between catching up with a friend (really great… we talked for hours) and reading (relaxing, but not as great). I’m finding that I am much happier on the days I take special time to chat with friends, so going forward I need to allocate more time to that instead of just reading.
  • I also wanted to note that a couple hours of the “relaxing” time was napping – again, a reflection of my insomnia. 😦 I am buying blackout curtains this weekend to see if it’s going to help.
  • Not the best day, but 2.5h spent working towards getting a better job is pretty good! So, despite the unproductiveness, I’m going to pat myself on the back for this one. 🙂

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