30 Days of Productivity: Day 11

Time Breakdown:

Really racking up that break time, are we?
Think I have too much time on my hands!
Really need to spend more time working towards a more engaging job
The bulk of this “unproductive” time is me not remembering what I was doing, to be honest…


  • Given I’ve been spending such a large percentage of my time working towards relaxing for the past couple days, I’d hope to have some results. I would honestly say I’m not as zen as I’d like to be, but relaxation isn’t a state that comes naturally to me. Most of the time I spent “relaxing” was really reading books, many of them business books – in fact, I’d liken it to a lot of the time I classified as “personal development” last week. I ask myself why I don’t feel super relaxed, and it might be because I’m still using my relaxing time to work, in a sense. 😦
  • Another big part of my relaxing time this week was chatting with friends – I lost touch with a lot of my friends since college, and haven’t made any new ones at work. In fact, my work environment is very lonely – I’m the only girl (in my mid-20’s) on a team of 10+ guys (all in their mid-30’s). I guess that’s the price I have to pay as a female engineer. 😦 That’s why it was SO INVIGORATING to touch base with some college friends again!! It felt so nice to have a real conversation again. I guess part of the reason I’ve been so unhappy (and hence frantically trying to change my life) is isolation. I do have a roommate/partner-in-crime, which is AWESOME… but I remember having friends at work (when I worked at a company with a more even gender/age balance) and it was infinitely better. In fact, I’m getting boba with one of those friends on Monday! 😀
  • I haven’t been spending enough time working towards getting a better job. Since I’ve realized how much my job is making me miserable, I need to ramp this up. 1-2 hours a day just won’t cut it.


  • I don’t think reading business books makes me any more relaxed, but I think chatting with friends does. I’m going to go ahead and finish America the Anxious by Ruth Whippman just because it’s HILARIOUS (I am SOOOOO one of those anxious Americans she describes – I also live in the same area where the book takes place :D) but after that, it’s all fiction for me. I stopped reading fiction from a young age because it wasn’t “practical” (I spent my time buried in the psychology and business sections), but I used to LOVE reading fiction books before “money”, “success”, and “life goals” made it into the picture. I checked out the Life of Pi from the library – guess that’s a start?
  • I’m going to make sure I spend more time chatting with friends. One long chat with a friend a week. Having that human connection makes all the difference.
  • I’m going to try to increase the time I spend working towards getting a better job by 1 hour. Instead of studying in my studio apartment, I’m going to go to the library to see if it helps.



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