30 Days of Meditation Challenge: Day 2

I’m feeling much better today! I decided to try 3 things from my list yesterday: adult coloring books, journaling, and the spoonk acupressure mat.

I decided to color when I was stressing out about work. My boss messaged me that we “needed to talk” about a project I’m working on, which freaked me out because my company is very unstable right now. Coloring did help calm me down a bit – not the most effective thing I’ve tried in the past, but it did help a bit.

Coloring for anxiety

The unfortunate part of coloring is the anxiety came right back after I stopped. It seems that as long as I’m in the act of coloring, my mind is clear…but not long afterwards. To stop the anxiety afterwards, I tried the journaling technique I learned from a social anxiety program.

I wrote down the problem: I’m freaking out because of corporate instability

Evidence to support my emotions: Other people are freaking out as well; I’ve been through an acquisition before and it was horrible

And evidence that contradicts my emotions: Even in the worst case scenario, I have options (unlike last time). I’m more senior in my career, so other companies have already reached out to me. If I don’t like what happens over the next month or so, I can quit. 

I felt much better after the journaling exercise – I was even able to enjoy the rest of my evening without worrying about work. Ultimately, my boss did not follow through with meeting with me about my project (surprisingly common), so I guess there’s nothing important to meet with me about! 😛

Later that night, I decided to try the Spoonk acupressure mat again. Since I didn’t get results from it before, I decided to go to the website and look for instructions – lo and behold, I don’t think I was using it long enough! The website suggests 20 to 40 minutes of use before bed… and some reviewers on Amazon even said they fell asleep on it! For good measure, I decided to try it for an hour, and I’m happy to report that it definitely works! By 10pm, I was drifting off to sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, I decided to use the Spoonk mat again to help me go back to sleep. I suffer from the early morning awakening type of insomnia, which means I can get up as early as 4am even if I went to bed at 12am the night prior. Luckily for me, the Spoonk saved me again!

I ultimately slept for 10 and a half glorious hours – which may sound excessive, but is an absolute miracle for an insomniac who’s been getting like 5 hours of sleep every night for the past month. I’m looking forward to paying off that sleep debt!

So much sleep! An insomniac’s miracle 🙂

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