30 Days of Meditation Challenge: Day 3

One piece of advice that has stuck in my mind for the past few days is the idea of not dwelling on my stress, insomnia, and general anxiety. I have a tendency to say, wake up from unrefreshing sleep, take a look at my Fitbit, and then question “Why do I still feel like crap? Is it because my percentage of deep sleep is so low?” If I’m not careful, I can start a downward spiral of why I have anxiety, why I’m stressed, why I have insomnia… and ultimately stress myself out more.

Every time I start dwelling on my issues, I’ve been taking a step back and deciding to allow myself to be tired. Relaxing and being content in the moment is a priority over everything else. It’s OK if I want to take a nap in the middle of the day, or buy a new mattress topper because sleeping on a Japanese futon has been giving me body aches for a month. It’s OK if I want to be a homebody or work from home. It’s OK if I want to take a minute to color instead of constantly reading career books. I’m teaching myself that I’m a valid person regardless of how “great” my career is or how “productive” I am.

Coloring again… didnt finish though!

I had a pretty great day yesterday, but the funny thing is, I was originally pretty apprehensive about it. I had scheduled to meet up with a new friend a month or so back, but it was stressing me out because it was the first time I was going to meet up with her in a long time and it would involve a 45 minute trek to an area of town I wasn’t familiar with. It’s funny how going to a new place puts me on edge – and it might actually be why the insomnia started around the time I moved from the suburbs to the city! 😛 Culture shock, perhaps?

Walking around new parts of SF… would love to live in a house like this with a Vespa!

I managed the stress by journaling: I reminded myself that the last time we met up, it was a lot of fun – and that even though it would be going to a new place, I’ve been to plenty of new places before and always had a great time. Sure, it can be a little stressful when you’re not sure of the route, but it always works out in the end. I thought back to my second night in Paris when I had to find my way home alone at 1am – and I was totally fine. Worst case scenario, I could always call an Uber.

I ultimately had a GREAT time – I arrived at 7pm, and didn’t leave until past midnight. We just snacked, chatted, and drank wine… my kind of night! I definitely busted my diet so I won’t be doing it again in the next month or so, but it reminded me that it’s fun to meet new people, go to new places, and try new things! 🙂


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