30 Days of Meditation Challenge: Day 6

I’m still sleeping a little haphazardly, but I do have to say that focusing on relaxing during stressful times has already been improving my life!

Some changes I’ve noticed:

  • I’m a lot happier with my current job. Before, I was really anxious about it – I was stressed about not “learning fast enough” and questioning myself whether I should make a jump to “faster” and “more prestigious” companies because “it would be better for my career”. While I still don’t plan to stay at my job long-term, I’ve realized that there is no rush – I’ve already had a great career progression so far and while my current project at work is deadlocked due to politics, there are still many growth opportunities in my current role. For one, being part of a deadlocked project means I have LOTS of time to learn things on my own (which I’ve been doing) and take on side projects.
  • I’ve been a lot more productive. Before this challenge, I was in a bit of a depressive funk – anxious and restless, but couldn’t muster up the motivation to DO anything. Felt kind of like “burnout”. I finally feel like the fog is clearing, and my motivation is coming back. It’s ironic how making RELAXATION a goal has made me MORE PRODUCTIVE.
  • My social anxiety has improved. Even though I’m not part of any clique at work (and I have no desire to be), I don’t feel as anxious around my coworkers. I’ve been jumping into conversations more, participating in small talk, even speaking up more in meetings – things I wouldn’t do before because I was stressed about “looking stupid”. For whatever reason, I care a lot less now. 😛 Funny thing is, I noticed a similar change back when I tried meditation in the past (though it was a more traditional “sit down and think about nothing” exercise).

I’d love for the insomnia to clear, but I know that’s a big ask when I’ve been spending pretty much every weekend traveling or moving. I just got back from a trip to see a friend graduate, and I’m going to be driving ~6 hours to give my parents my car next weekend. On top of that, I bought a Japanese shikifuton in lieu of a mattress (because I didn’t want to move a huge mattress), and it’s been difficult to sleep on – been waking up with a lot of backaches, armaches, neckaches… just bought a mattress pad, and I’m going to see if it helps. We’ll see! 😀


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